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Carol McCloskey





I am a humanistic therapist and I see psychological First Aid as offering firstly a safe space of active non-judgemental listening to those going through a crisis or difficult period in their lives. 

In my  experience both as a volunteer on the suicide prevention helpline in France SOS Amitié and in my practice face to face with individuals, I have seen that the first step of reaching for available help is often vital in making a difference to a person going through a situation of loss, relational conflict and abuse, ongoing depression or addictive behaviour.  

From my point of view, the possible objective of this first response is to create a sense of connection, of outside understanding of the person’s experience in which we can begin together to contextualise the current crisis and bring a different perspective and especially an element of hope into what was usually felt to be a dead-end situation.  

In the ongoing therapy process, I will help the person gradually to use their own strength and self-identity to know and decide their direction. 

As a final word I would say that I have found this work extremely to be inspiring and I also know it is essential to take care of my own inner balance and pleasure in life and people in order to be genuinely available and effective as a first responder. 



I have been a registered and proficient member of the French Association for Person-Centred Psychotherapy since 2015. 

I work extensively in English and French within the international community in the south of France with adults, young people and couples offering in-person, online, phone and email sessions.

Accessing therapy that is supportive, effective and centred on an individual’s needs can reduce the impact and consequences of present or past hurt. 

I have worked with individuals in areas such as healing from childhood abuse or neglect, expressing anger, understanding panic, finding a space in their lives for grief and bereavement.  

In helping individuals to manage stress I have found the behavioural tools of mindfulness based cognitive therapy and mindfulness based stress reduction to be useful. 

I am also in contact with a peer group of mental health professionals including psychiatrists with whom I am able to collaborate if a medical approach is a helpful complement to work in therapy.  

I am a trained couples counselor (gestalt approach) and I work with couples by focusing on understanding each partner to help resolve conflict, develop intimacy and find new ways to communicate from the heart.    

I welome diversity and have worked with people from various backgrounds, lifestyles, beliefs and age-groups. My therapeutic work in this area has often centred on self-acceptance in relation to intolerance. 

I have worked for two years as a volunteer with the French suicide prevention helpline SOS Amitié. 

I am a member of the British Focussing Association, an associate of the Centre for Studies of the Person at La Jolla in California and a member of the European Network for Experiential and Person-centred psychotherapy.

As a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist I am an accredited member of the French Association for Person-Centred Psychotherapy and I abide by their code of ethics.

My license states ‘Psychopraticienne agrééé AFP-ACP No. 42’

The AFP-ACP is member of the French Federation for Psychotherapy and Psychoa-analysis, member of the world association for person-centred ad experiential psychotherapies.


My office address is 9 Place de Gaulle 06600 Antibes.  


I can be contacted at +33 6 01 82 53 72


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 l'intervento psicologico di qualità durante l'emergenza 

tel. +39 0622796355