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Fereshteh Roshani





I am Fereshteh Roshani, I have a MSc. degree in cognitive psychology from Semnan University in Iran. 

I also studied general psychology at the BSc. level at the Imam Khomeini International University in Iran. 

It is worth mentioning that, I was a top student in M.Sc. and had this opportunity to go to a Ph.D. degree without an entrance exam. 

But this course was not really satisfying for me because I would have liked to study in a university that has facilities for research with a high
standard of research, but Iranian universities do not have such luxuries.

I have been working for 5 years as a psychologist (CBT) and in the field of coach parenting skills and cognitive interventions for children and adults.

Simultaneously during these years, I also have worked on my scientific articles.


Psychological First Aid (PFA) has been designed to reduce the initial distress and reactions caused by traumatic events and to foster adaptive functioning and coping. 

Some of these reactions will cause dysfunction, PFA can help recovery by using therapists or supportive counselors and psychologists. 

In addition, PFA is an immediate intervention or response to children, adolescents, adults, and families and other clients by mental health professionals for the purpose of reducing impulsive behaviors, giving simple solutions, and encouraging them to visit a mental health expert
for getting a deep intervention or treatment.


PICIIRAN (Psychology and Counselling Organization Islamic Republic of Iran) number: 36783


Phone number: 009336862346


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The members of the network PSYCHOLOGICAL FIRST AID "ROMA EST" project do not offer immediate care, support or advice for people in a suicide crisis.

For this type of emergency (or in any other case of EXTREME EMERGENCY) call numbers 118 or 112.

Each member of the network PSYCHOLOGICAL FIRST AID "ROMA EST" contributes to the project in a fully autonomous manner and is therefore individually responsible - also from a legal point of view - for his own work.